is a freelance experimental artist and internet ne’er-do-well from Las Vegas, Nevada.profile photo provided by @mkdouma6


I generally try to keep my account roughly PG rated and keep a clean public presence, but there’s a few things I wanna to note about my post content for transparency’s sake, and for anyone who may need trigger warnings.- I do not post or like any sexual posts or anything otherwise particularly NSFW, but I do follow and interact with artists whose body of work may contain adult content. I don’t interact with art containing overtly suggestive or excessively gory themes, though.- I swear frequently, often without realizing. I try to keep from getting too vulgar but just be mindful of that!- If you are a minor, please do not interact with accounts whose content is stated to be 18+! This is more for your own safety than theirs, I don’t want y’all getting hurt.- I make writing posts here and there that are fictional, but spoken as if they are real. These are usually horror themed posts, so please keep this in mind if you’re sensitive to the kind of posts that are tagged with “unreality/dereality” or such similar stuff. I’ll likely start putting my writing under a tag that can be muted though, for anyone who has this issue.



- I go by Lost typically, but if you have some sort of spicy nickname for me instead you’re welcome to just use that. People also call me Bones sometimes.- I tend to prefer Twitter DM’s for correspondence, however I accept emails at [email protected] as well. Please note that my paypal is under an old (different) email at [email protected], both addresses belong to me.- My birth certificate name on PayPal is not what I go by in my personal life nor is it what any official institution has me registered as. It is not on my mailbox. If I’m doing business with you that requires mail correspondence, your mail to me will get lost if you address it to my PayPal name!- I am an adult! I do not post anything risqué so I don’t mind minors following my art page, but please don’t try to contact me through DM’s for friendship purposes or follow my personal account unless you’re over 18. I will not interact with minors on my personal (locked) accounts.- I also will not sell commissions to minors unless approved and paid for by a parent or guardian, but I will potentially do art trades that don’t involve cash. Sorry for the inconvenience! It’s PayPal’s rules.- that being said, if you ARE an adult, don’t hesitate to say hi if you wanna chat! I may respond slowly sometimes or forget to reply though, please keep that in mind- I have some chronic health issues as well as attention span problems that interfere with my life sometimes— if I forget to do something or don’t respond to your message, It’s nothing personal! (Don’t hesitate to remind me about stuff if it slips my mind)- I am autistic and have adhd! I can communicate just as well as anyone else does but I may occasionally need to ask for clarification on commissions details, or about the meaning/tone of messages.


I have a variety of interests that serve ad major artistic inspirations to me!Most notably, 80’s media (or things themed off the decade), multimedia art, the concept of ARG’s, paranormal/unexplained phenomena, and the history behind Hollywood as well as rock and pop music are my biggest interests.Stranger Things is my current favorite show and while I love it to bits I could also spend hours picking apart its flaws.Music is my primary hobby so I have a separate page here for that— all my other interests are here. Beware the music page is a very, very long list.One last thing— I love getting music recommendations. I’m not very picky about music and I’ll give anything a chance. If you wanna show me what you like, please do so


Although I’d say my heart lies with rock music, I’m actually still venturing into expanding my tastes in that genre and metal stuff. This list is updated frequently to reflect my new discoveries.A lot of the stuff in “I also like” is stuff that I really love but feel the need to listen to more of before I claim to be a big fan or anything.


- Glass Animals
- My Chemical Romance
- Nirvana
- Will Wood and the Tapeworms
- Pink Floyd
- Motley Crue
- Audioslave
- Billie Eilish
- Hozier
- Oingo Boingo
- Soundgarden
- The Strokes
- Guns ‘n Roses
- Slash (plus Myles Kennedy, the Conspirators, et cetera)
- Sufjan Stevens
- Depeche Mode- Queens Of The Stone Age
- Electric Light Orchestra
- Avenged Sevenfold
- Coldplay
- Fleetwood Mac
- The Beatles
- Linkin Park
- Kaizers Orchestra
- Childish Gambino


- Halsey
- Skid Row
- The Doors
- Foo Fighters
- Aerosmith
- Led Zeppelin
- Van Halen
- Queen
- Frank Zappa
- Car Seat Headrest
- Royal Blood
- Highly Suspect
- Stone Temple Pilots
- Sixx A.M.
- Tears For Fears
- Jimi Hendrix
- Rob Zombie (+ White Zombie)
- Ozzy Osbourne
- The Cure
- Duran Duran
- Pearl Jam
- Radiohead
- Saint Motel
- OneRepublic
- Miracle Musical
- The Mountain Goat
- The Front Bottoms
- The Fray
- The Antlers
- Death Cab For Cutie
- Frank Sinatra
- Nat King Cole
- Aurelio Voltaire
- Bill Withers
- Dolly Parton
- Kendrick Lamar
- The Ramones
- The Who
- Huey Lewis & The News
- Some of Kanye’s older stuff, mostly ‘808s and heartbreak’ and prior
- Some of Danzig’s stuff for some reason
- Some Metallica
And MANY MANY more im forgetting to write down



This section is under construction. I will soon be revamping this with up-to-date information on prices and commission offerings. I don’t take private commissions or contract / freelance work very frequently, however, and when I do it typically is only projects I feel especially interested in or passionate about.Please review my terms of service before contacting me regarding commissions. Thank you!I take payment at my Ko-Fi page, which handles transactions via PayPal.


I am a pretty tolerant person and generally will accept most types of followers and/or commission work, but these are hard limits that will result in refusal of service and/or blocking the user:

Do not contact or otherwise interact with me me if you support the following:

- white supremacy and/or general racial bigotry
- child abuse / defending nsfw of minors
- homophobia and/or transphobia. this includes supporting TERF believes and/or supporting transmedicalism.
- animal abuse, including zoophilia and “feral” nsfw— or defending of said practices

I will not draw or provide the following:

- ANY paid commissions for clients who are minors, unless approved and paid for by a parent or guardian. I will occasionally however, do cash-free art trades in this instance!
- pornographic or blatantly nsfw content in general. I will draw nonsexual artistic nudity if requested, but only for clients ages 18 and older with proof of age.
- gratuitously violent or gory content. (mild to moderate gore is negotiable if for artistic purposes, please dm me for details)
- underage / minor characters drawn in nsfw or violent situations
- any variety of fetish art, regardless of whether it’s obviously / overtly sexual or not.
- any art intended to be hateful or discriminatory towards either individuals or marginalized groups.



What’s your exact age?

I’m 22 (23 as of 10/27/2023, if I forget my carrd exists and forget to update it again).Sometimes I forget to list this in my bio lol

Can we be friends?

If you’re over 18, sure. Just be mindful I’m honestly really shy and kind of suck at talking often, don’t take it personal if I’m quiet. If that isn’t an issue though, go on and message me! I’m always flattered when anyone drops by to say hi.No offense to minors either, it’s just weird for an adult to be hanging around teenagers regularly and I’d rather just stick to talking to people my own age

Why the skeleton guy? What’s his deal?

He’s Frank and he’s my mascot/bonesona. I’m not entirely sure why he exists but he’s around nonetheless. He’s got a very loose story going on where he’s a taxi driver for the undead, like Charon transporting souls across the river Styx but funnier.